Who We Are 

Train the Nation is a fully accredited Training Service Provider, taking its training services to the client and is recognized as a Level 2 BBEE rated company.

TTN also boasts extensive experience in Mining, Human Resources, Metallurgical, Engineering as well as Community Development. We also include Portable Skills Training in terms of Social and Labour Plans of company's.

Registered in terms of the MQA as a fully accredited training service provider (accreditation no.: 16/MQA/0050/AC4/50808) as well as ISO 9001:2008 accredited (accreditation no.: 0074/02).

Employ Instructors and Training Officers who are either registered as Assessors and/or Moderators. Registered Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) oversees all WSP requirements on behalf of clients.

Provides ABET classes in partnership with Department of Education (North West Province) from level 1 to level 4 for unemployed members of local communities. ABET classes also provided for employees of respective clients by utilizing the services of external teachers.

We have an agreement with the MDA (Mineworkers Development Agency) representing NUM to provide Portable skills training in conjunction with various accredited Training Service Providers.

 Collaboration agreements with the following professional external training service providers to provide a range of services as required by customers. TJEKA Training Matters who provide construction and portable skills training, Baden Training who provides shaft related training, Dinyane Education & Training who provides engineering skills training and Padisho Multi-Purpose who provides Information Technology training. We also have agreements in place for the following companies to provide Portable Skills Training: Sting Investigations, Skills for All, He & She Driving School, Project Literacy and Sewing Technical Training.

Registered as a National Skills Fund Training Provider with the Department of Labour (Provider ID: 3609) to provide life skills training to : retrenches, members of communities as well as the disabled.

Our Vision Our Mission
Our vision is to contribute to the development of each employee/individual, taking cognizance of operational requirements/community needs in order to ensure that the company remains financially viable as well as contribute to the empowerment and upliftment of local communities.

Our Mission is to deliver effective and sustainable education, training and development solutions, that are needs based as
well as accredited, in order to ensure that the company/community can realize business objectives through the application of acquired skills.