About our Portable Skills

About Train the Nation – Portable Skills Division

We are a group of training companies who joined forces to address the need for portable skills training, not only in the Mining Industry, but any other industry requiring portable skills. We also collaborate with governmental departments to assist in providing portable skills in order to address unemployment, retrenchments as well as improving the livelihood of community members.

Legal requirements in accordance with the following have contributed to the establishment of portable skills as part of the total package on offer to interested parties:

– New mining rights

– Downscaling and retrenchment

– Closure Plans

– Social and Labour Plans

– Industry Charters

– Upliftment of local communities


As such, we under the auspices of Train the Nation are unique in that:

– We are fully mobile

– Offer Portable Skills Training on site

– Offer Accredited Training Programs

– Combine Portable Skills with Business Skills

– Utilize the services of Accredited Facilitators

– Issue formal certificates on completion

– Duration and contents can be adjusted to suit requirements of clients

– Practical training could involve community projects.

Sponsor 2 community members per program

Toolboxes are given on completion, so that the learner can immediately start generating an income with the skills they acquired.