Animal Production: Large Stock (Cattle)

Course Objective

The Purpose of this skills program is to provide learners with a basic understanding as well as application of: The correct handling of animals, treatment of pests and diseases, correct on-farm feeding practices, basic breeding behaviour and the harvesting of animal products

In addition they will be well positioned to extend their learning and practice into other areas of animal production and agriculture ensuring profitability of agricultural enterprises.

Target Audience

The range of typical learners include persons interested in gaining a better understanding of basic agricultural practices and start their own farming enterprise.


15 Days / or 10 Days (Limited)

Attendees Min./Max.

Minimum of 12/ Maximum of 20

Form of Assessment

Portfolio of Evidence

Formative assessment: Evidence of performance will be collected continuously as Learners progress and will be considered in the final determination of the learners capabilities.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

– Handle cattle during counting, loading, herding and in a cattle crush

– Using a neck clamp, a tilt crush, nose pliers and pulling down cattle.

– Caring for hooves, fitting ear tags and branding cattle.

– Determine mass, age, general health and temperature.

– Injecting and dosing cattle and treatment of parasites.

– Treating eye and hoof infections, bloat and unknown diseases.

– Extensive feeding and intensive feeding, supplying concentrates and roughages.

– Finishing / Rounding off for marketing.

– Caring for herd-bulls and pregnant cows.

– Emergency treatment and supplying water.

– Observation of heat.

– Keeping records.

– Assisting during calving.

– Maintain troughs, fences, kraals, sheds and handling facilities.