Entrepreneurial: Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting

Course Objective

Bookkeeping Fundamentals: This comprehensive training programme covers the basic bookkeeping terms and concepts. This also demonstrates how to deal with basic bookkeeping documents and how to use them in a manual accounting system.

Pastel Intermediate: This training course will give the learner knowledge and skills necessary to perform a bookkeeper to trial balance function using Sage Pastel Partner.

Target Audience

Bookkeeping Fundamentals: This course has been designed for learners who are required to work with accounts, and who have had a little or no experience to bookkeeping.

Pastel Intermediate: For the learner who have a basic understanding of bookkeeping and want to learn how to apply this knowledge to a computerised system.


 5 Days

Attendees Min./Max.

Minimum of 12 / Maximum of 20

Formative assessment: Online assessment with an pass mark of 75%

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Bookkeeping Fundamentals:

  • Bookkeeping Introduction
  • Value added Tax
  • Source Documents
  • Inventory
  • Subsidiary Journals
  • The General Ledger
  • The Trail Balance
  • The Statement of Income
  • The Statement of Financial position
  • Bank Reconciliation

Pastel Intermediate:

  • Installation
  • Working in the Demo Company
  • Creating a New Company
  • Auto Setup
  • Edit Master Files
  • Take on Balances
  • Introduction to Processing
  • Supplier Processing
  • Customer Processing
  • Cash Book Processing
  • Monthly Processing
  • Take on Balances