Entrepreneurial: Business Development

Business Development

Course Objective

The purpose of the skills program is to provide learners with basic business skills to set up his/her own business, or gain sufficient knowledge of business principles.

Target Audience

All employees undergoing portable skills training. Business Skills Training to supplement such portable skills training.

  • Entrepreneurship

Duration: 2 Days full time

  • Principals of Business Management

Duration: 5 Days full time

  • Advanced Entrepreneurship

Duration: 10 Days full time

Attendees Min./Max.

Minimum of 12 / Maximum of 20

Form of Assessment

Portfolio of Evidence

Formative assessment: Evidence of performance will be collected continuously as Learners progress and will be considered in the final determination of the learners understanding of business principles.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

2x Days:

  • Discuss Entrepreneurship & related information
  • Identify and describe the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
  • Identify, assess and improve individual entrepreneurial characteristics
  • Discuss business ethics and social responsibility

5x Days:

  • Explain and discuss the purpose of a business plan
  • Show how a business plan is run
  • Show how to respond to a changing business environment

10x Days:

  • Sell service
  • Process payments
  • Deal with customers