Plant Production: Cash Crops (Maize, Sunflower, Wheat)

Course Objective

The Purpose of this skills program is to provide learners with a basic understanding as well as application of: Knowledge and skills to plan, prepare, plant, care and harvest cash crops.

In addition they will be well positioned to extend their learning and practice into other areas of cash crop production and agriculture ensuring profitability of agricultural enterprises.

Target Audience

The range of typical learners include persons interested in gaining a better understanding of basic agricultural practices and start their own farming enterprise.


15 Days / or 10 Days (Limited)

Attendees Min./Max.

Minimum of 12 / Maximum of 20

Form of Assessment

Portfolio of Evidence

Formative assessment: Evidence of performance will be collected continuously as Learners progress and will be considered in the final determination of the learners capabilities.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

– Maize Production – Economic importance.

– Growth and development of the maize plant.

– Critical growth stages.

– Growth requirements of the maize plant.

– Cultivar traits, climatic requirements and soil requirements.

– Preparation and the planting of maize

– Soil tillage, Fertilisation, Production systems, Cultivar selection.

– Planting, Managing and Harvesting maize.

– Managing planted maize, harvesting of maize, grading of grain.

– Crop protection.

– Weed control.

– Insect control.

– Disease control