Plant Production: Vegetable Cultivation

Course Objective

The Purpose of this skills program is to provide learners with a basic understanding as well as application of: Knowledge and skills to plan, prepare and produce vegetables.

Target Audience

The range of typical learners include persons interested in gaining a better understanding of basic agricultural practices and start their own vegetable garden.


15 Days / or 10 Days (Limited)

Attendees Min./Max.

Minimum of 12 / Maximum of 20

Form of Assessment

Portfolio of Evidence

Formative assessment: Evidence of performance will be collected continuously as Learners progress and will be considered in the final determination of the learners capabilities.

Learning Outcomes

– Planning, layout and preparation of a vegetable field.

– Collecting of soil samples, analysing and classifying the soil.

– Evaluation of natural resources available.

– Choice of cultivars.

– Cleaning and preparing the seedbed.

– Correct handling of seed, seedlings, cultivation and transplanting of seedlings.

– Irrigation of seedbeds, seedlings and vegetable plants.

– Fertilizing of vegetables.

– Windbreaks, mulching, heat protection and supporting of vegetables.

– Weed, pest and disease control (integrated control).

– Harvesting and cleaning vegetables for market.

– Grading, packing and marketing (selling) vegetables.